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SDGE has notified businesses in their electricity utility area that Direct Access submission dates have been extended for year 2012 until 1/31/2011. This simply means that SDGE electricity utility customers cannot begin sending in Direct Access enrollment forms until 1/31/2011.

Business customers in the San Diego Gas and Electric utility area are giving a 6 months notice to SDGE that they want to participate in Direct Access. Direct Access is electricity customer choice for commercial and industrial businesses in California.

The CA state government requires that business customers wanting to participate in Direct Access give a 6 month notice to their electric utility. The CA utility commission either approves or rejects your request and than if accepted you may proceed to shop for a competitive electricity company in California.

The shopping process can most efficiently be handled by using an energy consulting company. Our company can facilitate a reverse auction whereby multiple CA electricity companies compete for your electric usage by bidding on your account.

We work these bids down and remove as much of the retail margin from these rates as possible.

We then create a detailed electricity rate proposal that shows side by side apples to apples comparisons of the best electric rates submitted.

You will be able to see a transparent pricing proposal showing you the electricity suppliers in CA that bid on your account and their rates.

If advanced rate terms and products are offered based on the size of your account we create proposals that compare these more complex plans side by side.

An energy consultant will go over the proposal with you and you can choose the cheapest rate plan and company that is best for your business situation.

Please call us at 1-800-971-4020 to learn more about or CA electricity for business reverse auction process.

We can also assist in a similar process for commercial and industrial natural gas accounts in the SDGE electric and natural gas utility area.

Natural gas prices in CA can be listed in a separate proposal showing competing companies and the lowest natural gas prices for your commercial or industrial CA business.


natural gas companies in CAIn California you have a choice in which electricity company you choose but the same goes for natural gas as well.

The electricity deregulation process is a slow phase in but natural gas deregulation is in full throttle and offers a lot of opportunity for shopping around and finding a better price.

If you need a cheaper natural gas price for your industrial or commercial business in California we can help.

We have both natural gas and electricity service consultants on staff to help your CA business find a discount price for your natural gas energy needs.

We will put your natural gs account through a reverse auction process and allow multiple natural gas companies in CA to compete to win your business.

If you would like to learn more about your natural gas power choices please call us at 1-800-971-4020.


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